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At Claudia Hung Weddings, we operate like any other business should – heavily invested in building a highly skilled and competent team. Much like a video/cinematography team, our individual style and vision is honed in by a director and then thoughtfully woven together by an editor.
Claudia Hung, Director of Photography; Principal Photographer
I first picked up my dad's camera when I was 16 years old and shot my first wedding three years later. My background in photography is deeply rooted in the editorial and commercial world. You can check out my editorial and commercial portfolio here.
My humble beginnings include a fine art degree from Ryerson University, interning for half a year at Canadian Family and Toronto Life magazines as well as assisting Canadian photographers Steve Carty and William Ciccocioppo. As such, I've gained a refined technical background in photography as well as one that allows me to manage my crew/team and a large set under the most challenging and difficult situations. To this very day, I infused the type of photography that first inspired me (and continues to) into how I approach weddings.
My work process involves focused preparation and intentional execution because I know what I want to achieve and am determined to achieve it. It also involves throwing those things out the window and allowing the creative, intuitive and whimsical side come out and play because who doesn't enjoy a little bit of spontaneity? :)
Whether on a big commercial set with tens of people around, on assignment deep in the Bwindi forests of Uganda or alone with a bride as she's getting ready, I'm a collaborator looking to create something beautiful with the tools and situation that I'm given.
editorial. for people in love.
Let's make something beautiful together.

Justin Wong, Lead Photographer
Justin has the integral role of Lead Photographer on the Claudia Hung Weddings Team for the last 2-3 years. He's on set for every wedding alongside Claudia, skillfully leading/managing weddings when Claudia is not on se), creatively contributing to the photographic repertoire and pretty much keeps Claudia sane at weddings.

Claudia Hung Team - Hand picked and personally mentored by Claudia
Heidi Lau
Celine Kim
Christopher Luk
Glendon Tang
Geehae Jeong
Chanra Rin